The Mid-Ohio Valley’s Full Service Steel Warehouse

Steel Services by Metaltech in Marietta, OH

Metaltech Steel Company, LLC, is a full-service steel company and complete steel service center. We are based in Marietta, OH and have over 1,000 tons of steel stored in the warehouse of our facility. We cut and process industrial quantities of steel and provide delivery services as well.

We can process our steel products to your exact specifications. Contact us with your needs. We will work with you to help you get your company’s project completed efficiently, with the appropriate grade of steel necessary to make your project a lasting success.

If you have a need for mild to high quality structural steel or steel cutting and/or processing in the Mid-Ohio Valley region, you have come to the right place.

Our steel services include:

Steel delivery
direct from Metaltech

Metaltech maintains and operates our own fleet of trucks to best serve your needs in a prompt and reliable manner.

The steel products that we process for delivery directly to your location include:

Various grades of steel available at Metaltech Steel Company

Several grades of steel available and in stock

We stock several grades of steel, including the finest quality structural steel, all made in the USA. When your project depends on high-integrity steel, we can assist you by providing the right steel for the job. We can also source and process low, medium, and high carbon steel, alloy steels, and stainless steels.

The processing methods used at Metaltech ensure that the steel maintains its strength, quality, and performance capabilities during the cutting processes that we utilize.

We take care to ensure that the steel is processed according to industry standards to preserve the qualities inherent in the steel itself during processing, whether cut by saw, sheared, or burned.

The finest quality structural steel