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Steel Bar Grating in Marietta, OH

Walkways, Stair Treads, Barriers, and Entry Grates in Marietta, OH

When you need steel bar grating in Marietta, OH, call Metaltech Steel Company LLC. Metaltech Steel Company sells quality steel bar grating in a variety of options from light to heavy duty. With various textures and sizes to best suit your needs, steel bar grating provides several surface options. These options provide good footing and a stable grip even when wet, for uses such as:

  • Drainage Covers

  • Bridges

  • Entry Grates

  • Highways

  • Platforms

  • Runways

  • Safety Barriers

  • Slaughtering Facilities

  • Stair Treads

  • Trenches

  • Ventilation Grates

  • Walkways

Our steel bar grating fits the bill! It contains welding for strength and extraordinarily durable as a protective barrier for many types of uses. Steel bar grating can also serves as a cost-effective and durable partition and for pet and livestock control. Give us a call today at (740) 373-8339 or contact us online for more information.

Bar Grating Stock Items at Metaltech Steel Company LLC

DescriptionDimensions - WxL (in)Weight Per Section (lbs)
1 X 3/16 GRATING24 x 288350.40
1 X 3/16 GRATING36 x 288525.60
1-1/4 X 3/16 GRATING36 x 288586.80

Bar Grating: Clean, Durable, Safe, and Low Maintenance Flooring

Some of the benefits of steel bar grating are:

  • Clean

  • Durable

  • Economical

  • Excellent Drainage & Airflow

  • Functional

  • Low Maintenance

  • Safe

  • Traction

Steel bar grating remains a popular industrial, municipal, commercial, and agricultural flooring surface. The open design minimizes build-up and transportation of mud, snow, leaves, and other debris.

Bar Grating: Clean, Durable, Safe, and Low Maintenance Flooring

Even when wet, ridged steel bar grating provides more secure footing than solid flooring. Our contractors can apply additional anti-slip grip coating to the steel bar grating. Doing so can dramatically enhance the security of the product when used as a floor. We can also paint it to match the surrounding d├ęcor. Our contractors can also cut it to size for easy installation as steps, stairways, and as window inserts for security. Contact Metaltech for prices, specifications, and ordering details: (740) 373-8339.

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