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Plate and Sheet Metal in Marietta, OH

Hot Rolled A-36 Plate and Sheet Metal for Marietta, OH

For plate and sheet metal in Marietta, OH, call Metaltach Steel Company LLC. Metaltech provides hot rolled plate and sheet metal formed at over 1,000°F. It has a characteristic, rough, blue-grey finish. Plate and sheet metal are suitable for standard applications where appearance and tolerance criteria are not strict.

Plate has been defined as a metal sheet with a thickness of .2300″ or more. Sheet is defined as metal that is thicker than foil and less than .2300″. Due to its higher thickness, carbon steel plate is used for products that require durability and strength.

Our Technicians Provide Durable Plate and Sheet Metal

Hot rolled steel is typically cheaper than cold rolled steel. Hot rolled steel is often manufactured without any delays in the process. Therefore, it is not necessary to reheat the steel (as it is with cold rolled). When the steel cools off it will shrink slightly. In turn, this gives less control on the size and shape of the finished product when compared to cold rolled. Contact us online today to schedule an appointment. You can also call (740) 373-8339 to speak to one of our contractors.

Cold Rolled A-36 Plate and Sheet Metal

Cold rolled sheet metal is superior to hot rolled sheet metal in the following manner. It has a strictly controlled tolerance, concentricity, straightness, and a blemish-free to nearly blemish-free finish. It has lower carbon content and has been annealed (heated to a high temperature).

Because of this, it is, therefore, softer and easier to work with than hot rolled sheet. Additionally, it removes surface oxides, resulting in an attractive, gleaming finish. The term Cold Rolled is mistakenly used on all products. In actuality, the product name refers to the rolling of flat rolled sheet and coil products.

Plate and Sheet Stock Items at Metaltech Steel Company LLC

DescriptionDimensions - W x L (in)Depth (d)Flange Width (b)
3/16 PLATE A3648 x 967.66245.00
3/16 PLATE A3648 x 1207.66306.00
3/16 PLATE A3660 x 1207.66383.00
3/16 PLATE A3672 x 1447.66551.00
1/4 PLATE A3648 x 9610.21326.72
1/4 PLATE A3648 x 12010.21408.40
1/4 PLATE A3660 x 12010.21510.50
1/4 PLATE A3672 x 14410.21735.12
1/4 PLATE A3696 x 24010.211633.60
5/16 PLATE A3648 x 9612.76408.32
5/16 PLATE A3648 x 12012.76510.40
5/16 PLATE A3648 x 13212.76561.44
3/8 PLATE A3648 x 9615.32490.24
3/8 PLATE A3648 x 12015.32612.80
3/8 PLATE A3660 x 12015.32766.00
3/8 PLATE A3672 x 14415.321103.04
1/2 PLATE A3648 x 9620.42653.44
1/2 PLATE A3648 x 12020.42816.80
1/2 PLATE A3660 x 12020.421021.00
5/8 PLATE A3648 x 9625.52816.64
5/8 PLATE A3648 x 12025.521020.80
3/4 PLATE A3648 x 9630.63980.16
3/4 PLATE A3648 x 12030.631225.20
1 PLATE A3648 x 9640.841306.88
1 PLATE A3648 x 12040.841633.60
1/8(11GA)FLOOR PLATE48 x 966.16197.12
1/8(11GA)FLOOR PLATE48 x 1206.16246.40
3/16 FLOOR PLATE48 x 968.71278.72
3/16 FLOOR PLATE48 x 1208.71348.40
1/4 FLOOR PLATE48 x 9611.26360.32
1/4 FLOOR PLATE48 x 12011.26450.40
10GA HR SHEET48 x 1205.63225.20
10GA HR SHEET60 x 1205.63281.50
10GA HR SHEET72 x 1445.63405.36
11GA HR SHEET48 x 965.00160.00
12GA HR SHEET48 x 1204.38175.20
12GA HR SHEET60 x 1204.38219.00
12GA HR SHEET72 x 1444.38315.36
14GA HR SHEET48 x 1203.13125.20
14GA HR SHEET60 x 1203.13156.50
16GA HR SHEET48 x 962.5080.00
16GA HR SHEET48 x 1202.50100.00
16GA HR SHEET60 x 1202.50125.00
18GA CR SHEET48 x 1202.0080.00

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