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Steel Beams in Marietta, OH

History of I-Beams

When you need steel beams in Marietta, OH, call Metaltech Steel Company LLC. I-Beams and wide flange beams, are a commonly used structural steel component used in construction. Weldable, machinable, and formable, beams are also inherently very strong members that can withstand immense compression and tension forces. Beams are perhaps the single-most used building element ever, and their evolution into various different forms has an interesting history. Wooden and stone beams have been used for construction since time immemorial. If you have any further questions regarding the specifics that we stock, please call: (740) 373-8339, or contact us online.

Offering High-Quality Steel Beams in Marietta, OH

Iron beams have been in use for building construction since at least the 17th century. In the 19th century, the familiar ā€œIā€ shaped beam (in cast iron) first appeared. Over time, companies have made continuous improvements and advances to improve the malleability, compressive and tensile strength, workability. These advances also improve the durability of structural steel I-beams and other beam designs. We have been able to successfully construct a building over 160 stories (2,716.5 feet) high as well as several others. This would not be possible in Marietta, OH, without the strong, supportive assistance and characteristics of structural steel.

WF Beam Stock Items at Metaltech Steel Company LLC

DescriptionLengthHeight (h)Flange Width (b)Flange Thickness (w)Web Thickness (w)Weight/Stick (lbs)
W4 X 13 WF-BEAM204.1604.0600.3450.280260.00
W4 X 13 WF-BEAM404.1604.0600.3450.280520.00
W6 X 12 WF-BEAM406.0304.0000.2800.230480.00
W6 X 15 WF-BEAM405.9905.9900.2600.230600.00
W6 X 20 WF-BEAM406.2006.0200.3650.260800.00
W6 X 25 WF-BEAM406.3806.0800.4550.3201000.00
W8 X 10 WF-BEAM407.8003.9400.2050.170400.00
W8 X 15 WF-BEAM408.1104.0150.3150.245600.00
W8 X 18 WF-BEAM408.1405.2500.3300.230720.00
W8 X 24 WF-BEAM407.9306.4950.4000.245960.00
W8 X 31 WF-BEAM408.0007.9950.4350.2851240.00
W10 X 22 WF-BEAM4010.1705.7500.3600.240880.00
W12 X 26 WF-BEAM4012.2206.4900.3800.2301040.00
S6 X 12.5 I-BEAM406.0003.3320.3590.232500.00

In Marietta, OH, call Metaltech Steel Company LLC, when you need steel beams.